Disclaimer - LCTM
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Users of lctm.ch (www.lctm.ch) accept that LC Markenpraxis GmbH (‘LCTM’) is unable to guarantee the correct or the constant transfer of data via the internet. Therefore, LCTM cannot be held liable for either the constant and uninterrupted availability of www.lctm.ch or for technical or electronic disruptions. No liability can be assumed for security of data transferred via the internet. Communication via the internet is principally made unencrypted.


Links to external websites (‘hyperlinks’) are carefully selected by LCTM. LCTM declares that any illegal contents on the linked websites could not be recognised when the link was being set. LCTM has no influence on future design, contents or copyright of external websites. It explicitly dissociates itself from any contents of external websites as far as they have been changed or launched after setting up the link. LCTM cannot be held responsible for external entries in guest books, forums, link directories, mailing lists, etc. Nobody but the third party or the author, respectively, are held liable for illegal, erroneous or incomplete contents and in particular for damages caused by the use of such information.