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Our Services

As trademark specialist, LC Markenpraxis GmbH assists in the registration of Swiss, European and International trademarks with the relevant authorities.  Our firm also advise and represent clients in the drafting and implementation of trademark agreements, as well as cases of trademark infringements.


Brand Protection Strategy

Assess the best way to protect your brand with cognizance of the relevant classes, cost and effectiveness in the territories where protection is sought.


Availability Searches

Determine whether the required brand is available and assess its registrability.


Trademarks Applications

Prosecution of trademark applications from filing to grant in Switzerland, Europe and throughout the world.


Official Actions

Addressing official actions launched against a trademark application whether they are from the trademark’s office or an opposing trademark owner.


Monitoring of Trademarks

Watch service to monitor application for conflicting trademarks and advise on possible countermeasures.